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Health Procedures

The Valley School is dedicated to keeping students active and healthy. Below you'll find information and relevant forms for medications, physicals, and immunizations.

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All medication, including over-the-counter medication, must be stored in the office and dispensed by trained staff. Students are not allowed to carry or keep medication in their classroom or locker. All medication requires a Medication Administration Permission form be completed prior to use at school. If you have any questions please contact the office.


Sports Physicals are required for all students participating in an after school physical activity, or ski club. Physicals are good for 2 years. Due to state laws, records of sports physicals cannot be transferred with student records. This means families will have to provide an additional sports physical report if they are entering The Valley School late, and that TVS will not transfer any sports physicals if the family decides to leave. Parents can request the return of their child's sports physical within 30 days if they un-enroll.


Students must show compliance of all required vaccines or complete the exemption process as required by Oregon State Law.

For a medical exemption or proof of immunity, submit a letter from your child's physician or immunization records to the school. Proof of immunity should include the dates of each vaccination.

For a non-medical exemption, submit one of the following required documents in person:

  1. A certificate signed by a health care practitioner verifying discussion of the  benefits and risks of immunization, or

  2. A certificate of completion of the vaccine educational module about the benefits and risks of immunizations (approved by the Oregon Health Authority).

Immunization Rates 

Updated March 2019

23-24 Communicable Disease Management

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