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Photo of TVS student working on a writing project with a pencil.

School Supplies

We encourage families to provide the school supplies listed. Thanks to the support of State Farm, school supplies will be provided to those who are unable to bring them.

* Note about computers: This year, we have classroom sets of Chromebooks for students to use at school. This allows us to better monitor screen time and keep updated with safety software. Some students find it helpful to have access to a laptop or Chromebook at home to access their Google classroom work that is required for homework. Any assigned homework will be reading and writing off of screens. School Chromebooks won’t come home and students won’t bring personal laptops from home*

    • Scientific calculator if you didn’t already leave one at school last year (TI-30 or higher)

    • 3 ring binder 1” with dividers and a pencil pouch (to stay at school)

    • 3 ring binder 1” with dividers (for homework)

    • Package of #2 pencils - any quantity

    • I pair of scissors - adult size

    • Headphones with an aux cord labeled with your name to store at school. 

    • 3 composition books

    • 5 spiral notebooks

    • Package of dry erase markers - any size, color, and number

    • 1 package of notecards

    • Sticky notes - any color, size, and amount

    • Package of college ruled-lined paper

    • Black sharpie markers - any amount

    • 2 Highlighters, 1 yellow and 1 any other color

    • We ask for a $75 annual fee (not required) to help cover the following ($35 technology, $30 field trips (Fall in the Field), and $10 book fee.

Donations we will always take any time of the year:

* Dress up costumes, wigs, etc. We often use these for skits, plays or assembly activities.

* Tempora, acrylic, watercolor paints (fresh) and brushes. 

* Art paper and crafting supplies. 

* Age - appropriate, newly published fictional novels. 

* PE/ playground balls. 

* Pre-packaged snacks for students who forgot lunches. 

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