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Regular attendance is imperative for a student to make academic progress at The Valley School. The majority of school work in a Montessori-style school is in-class collaboration, projects and discussions. This work cannot be sent home or made up after an absence.

Photo of TVS students posing at the TVS Spring Dance.

To Report an Absence

If your child is absent from school, it is your responsibility to inform us by emailing or by calling the office at 541.842.3914 by 8:35 AM. If you leave a message, please include the name of your child, your name, and reason for the absence. You will need to call or email each day that your child is absent.

Late Arrivals and Early Dismissals

Students arriving after 9:00 AM must check in at the front desk to ensure they are not marked absent. Students leaving school early must be signed out by an adult listed on their account unless prior consent is communicated to the office by a parent/guardian. Underage siblings are not able to sign out a student.

When to Keep Your Child Home Sick

  • APPEARANCE/BEHAVIOR – Unusually tired, pale, no appetite, hard to wake, or confused.

  • EYES – If there is drainage, vision change, and/or redness of the eyelid, itching, pain or sensitivity to light. This may be a sign of “pink eye” (conjunctivitis) and the student should be checked by a health care provider.

  • FEVER – Temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees C) or higher. Students need to be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school WITHOUT medications to reduce the fever.

  • BAD COLD AND/OR COUGH – Students need to be able to cover their cough to be at school. If a cough or cold persists for more than two weeks, the student may need to be seen by a health care provider.

  • DIARRHEA – Two or more watery stools in 24 hours, especially if the student acts or looks ill. Students should stay home for 24 hours after the last watery stool.

  • VOMITING – Vomiting two or more times in 24 hours. Student should stay home for 24 hours after the last time they vomited.

  • RASH – Bothersome body rash, especially with fever or itching. Some rashes may spread to others and should be checked by a health care provider.

  • INJURY/SURGERY – If students are unable to concentrate due to pain or pain medication, they should stay home. Please have your health care provider contact the office to help your child safely return to school. Letting the school know in advance of any planned surgery will be helpful.

  • STILL HAVE QUESTIONS about whether or not your student is healthy enough to come to school? Contact the office or your child’s health care provider. Keeping ill students at home, encouraging frequent hand washing, and covering coughs protects everyone, including those with fragile immune systems. Students are expected to participate in all parts of the school day including PE. If your doctor has restricted activity please send a doctor’s note, for example: “No contact sports x 1 week.”

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