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As a public charter school sponsored by the Medford School District, enrollment is open to all 6th through 8th grade students in the Rogue Valley. Learn more about how we fill our 120 student spots below.

To apply for the 2024-25 school year, please do so HERE.

Student Enrollment

Enrollment at The Valley School is competitive and each year a lottery is held at the beginning of February to fill the open spots for the following academic year. All students interested in entering the lottery must complete an Enrollment Form. Please drop off the form at the front office between 8:30 AM  and 3:00 PM, Monday - Friday or mail to the address listed on the form. Forms received after the last working day in January will be entered into our June lottery and can be submitted at any time. The last working day of January is a HARD deadline. No applications received after the last working day in January will be added to the February Drawing and will be held until June. 

We ask all new families before they submit a lottery application to schedule a tour or attend a group information session. If you cannot make the group sessions, please call or email to arrange a personalized tour at a time that works for you.

The majority of openings for the following school year are expected to be for 6th grade, as currently enrolled students move up into the next grade. The School balances out the 6th, 7th and 8th grades with a max enrollment of 120 students.​

If you wish to submit for this school year please call the front desk at 541-842-3914





Enrollment FAQ

Q: One of my students already attends The Valley School, can their sibling attend next year?

A: Siblings of current students are given priority in our lottery system, but still need to complete the Intent to Enroll form to be considered.

Q: I filled out an Intent to Enroll form last year but didn't get in and am on the wait list. Do I need to reapply this year if I'm still interested?

A: Nope! Our wait list carries over to the next year and we will retain your information until your student reaches 9th grade.

Q: I would like to enter my student into the lottery for 7th or 8th grade. What are my chances of getting in?

A: Although we often do not have many spaces for 7th or 8th grade because typically our currently enrolled students move up to the next grade, spots do occasionally open up. We are happy to accept your enrollment form in the event this occurs.

Q: If other people turn in the application before me, do they have preference over me?

A: There is no preference given to families that turn in the application earlier than others.  A family just needs to submit the application prior to January 31st. 

Q: Is The Valley School following the state laws when it comes to the lottery process? 

A: We are in accordance with all state laws in regards to the lottery process. 

Q: I missed the January deadline! Now what?

A: We hold a second drawing in June for any spots that are turned down. Please bring us your Intent to Enroll form and take a tour of the school, and you will be entered into the second lottery.

Photo of TVS students taking photos outside during Photography class.
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