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The Valley School is designed to foster student-centered learning that emphasizes inquiry, exploration, and discovery. Students take an active role in their own learning, working on projects and activities that are meaningful and relevant to their lives.

English Language Arts

Our Montessori-based ELA classroom is a dynamic and student-centered environment that fosters independent thinking, self-expression, and a deep appreciation for literature and language. The classroom is thoughtfully designed with various learning materials and resources that cater to the diverse needs and interests of our students. It is equipped with a rich and diverse collection of books, encompassing various genres, styles, and reading levels, which are carefully chosen to cater to the individual reading abilities and interests of students, promoting a love of reading and an exploration of different literary works. Students engage in a variety of activities to develop their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. They participate in small-group literature circles, sharing their thoughts and interpretations on various literary works. In addition to traditional written assignments, we incorporate technology and multimedia resources to enhance language learning. 

Photo of TVS students working on a collaborative breakout room during English Language Arts


Our science classroom is designed to engage students in hands-on learning experiences that foster a deep understanding and appreciation for the natural world. In the classroom, students are encouraged to explore life science topics through self-directed activities that promote curiosity and discovery. The classroom environment uses materials and resources for students to use as they explore different topics. These materials may include specimens, models, charts, and books, as well as tools and equipment for conducting experiments and investigations.

Photo of TVS students gardening in the TVS garden during Science.
Photo of TVS students posing with their cardboard sled during Sled Day

Social Studies

At The Valley School, the Social Studies curriculum utilizes simulations, and primary and secondary sources to create an environment where students are encouraged to think deeply and critically about the world around them. They will engage in complex social and historical issues through research, debate, and analysis.

Photo of TVS students being interviewed for school jobs during Occupations and Practical Life class.

Occupations & Practical Life

Students learn basic everyday skills in OPL by demonstrating mastery in a way that is authentic to them. Some important elements of OPL include job interviews, resume building, school jobs, cooking, and a school-based currency where students must pay rent and taxes each month.


The math program at TVS provides students with a wide-scope of classes to learn the skills needed for high school and beyond. Our course catalog for math include: Math Mindsets, Pre-Algebra, Number Sense & Functions, Fractions, Decimals & Percents, Geometry, Shapes & Angles, Graphing & Linear Functions, Data Analysis, and Probability & Statistics

Photo of TVS students playing games during the TVS math class carnival.


Our enrichment courses are as varied and eclectic as our students. The campus is abuzz with creativity and true, engaged learning. Experts and practitioners in a number of extracurricular life skills are invited to campus where they hold hour-and-a-half long sessions in their specific disciplines. Each course lasts for seven weeks and is designed to broaden the student’s worldview, increase their capability and understanding, and prepare them for passionate creativity in adulthood. The 2022-2023 academic year enrichment offerings include Mixed Media, Video Production, Fiber Arts, Printmaking, Stop Motion, Cross-stitching, Yearbook, and Creative Writing & Emerging Arts. Stay tuned for our 2023-24 offerings! 

Photo of a TVS student taking a photo of another student during Yearbook class.
Photo of TVS students sitting in a circle and having a Socratic Seminar discussion during morning Advisory class.


The first 30 minutes of every day are spent in Advisory. This is a calm space for students to land as they prepare for their school day. Each week, there is a specific lesson aimed at developing students' Social Emotional Learning skills. Students also hold regular Morning Meetings, which allow for our students to grow in community with each other.

Photo of TVS students playing capture the flag during Physical Education.

Wellness & Physical Education

Wellness provides students with the ODE adopted health curriculum, as well as supplemented curriculum and topics taught by our school Social & Emotional Wellness Advocates. In P.E., students create a community among peers through engaging, standards-based curriculum, as well as neighborhood clean-ups, outdoor retreats, and archery.

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