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Group photo of TVS students posing at a snowy mountain during Sled Day.


Volunteer with TVS

The Valley School thrives in large part because of its volunteers. Family members share their time, experience, and talents with our students, enhancing their learning experience while strengthening our community. Because TVS operates with such a small staff, we rely on families donating 2 hours of time per month, or about 20 hours a year. Below is a list of opportunities to stay involved and help us grow. Contact the office if you are interested in getting involved, or have another idea of how you can help!

Ongoing Needs:

School Board:

Within the state of Oregon, public charter schools have a school board independent of the sponsoring district. School boards provide invaluable oversight and guidance to a school's continued growth and success. 

We currently have openings to serve on our school board. Please reach out to the Academic Director, Lily Reishman, if you are interested.

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